I taught for Ball State University as a field course instructor from 2007-2011, for Purdue University for various semesters since 2012, and for Colorado College for various semesters since 2017. I have taught 11 different courses in the research university, private liberal arts college, online, and study abroad settings.

I co-created and directed a primatology field course and co-taught it for nine field seasons. That course was offered by Ball State University for five seasons and Purdue University for season 2011. In 2016 I was certified by the Safety and Health Institute to teach Wilderness First Aid, and taught this as an additional component of my field primatology courses. The field course took place in southern Africa and students received training in primatology, ecology, ethology, research methods, and working safely with wildlife in the field. I have also taught a field course at the Lemur Conservation Foundation.

I wanted to say thank you for organizing the primatology course and for the unforgettable experience. I will keep you updated on my thesis work and my future trip to Gombe, and maybe I will even see you at the PEGG conference next year!”

sarah, field course student, 2017

Thank you so much for your dedication, hard work, and support throughout our time in South Africa. We appreciate all that you have done and taught us. We’ll always value the skills and knowledge that we’ve acquired here. We would not have had this opportunity without you. Thank you for organizing this.”

– Class Thank You Note, Primates of South Africa Course, 2007

Courses Taught

Biological Bases of Human Social Behavior [in person & online]

Primatology [in person]

Primate Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation [in person]

Primate Behavior [online]

The Great Apes [online]

Human Origins [online]

Introduction to Biological Anthropology & Human Evolution [in person]

Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology Lab [in person]

Biodiversity, Adaptation, and Human Behavior [in person]

Field Primatology [field – southern Africa]

Wilderness First Aid [field – South Africa]

Primates of South Africa [field – South Africa]

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