Black and white image of Dr. Wren preparing slides for parasitological analyses. She wears a white lab coat and latex gloves and is leaning over a lab bench with test tubes in the background. She holds a microscope slide as she places a coverslip on it.

I am a primatologist and behavioral ecologist with a background in biological anthropology, veterinary medicine, host-parasite ecology, and ethology. Broadly, I am interested in the biology of social behavior, primate ecology, and the human-wildlife interface. Specifically, I examine patterns of infection with gastrointestinal parasites in vervet monkey (Chlorocebus pygerythrus) hosts and how they relate to social contact behaviors like social grooming. I have also studied lesser galago (Galago moholi) distribution and ecology in South Africa. Further, I am currently advising graduate student Keesha Chetty (Nelson Mandela University) on research examining farmer perceptions of baboon crop raiding in the Western Cape, South Africa.

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